Welcome to Live, Love, Food!

Greetings strange humanoids! You have stumbled upon my newest adventure. I want to welcome you to Live, Love, Food. This blog is solely dedicated to good food, some gushy feelings here and there and of course the most important aspect, Life.

Now, before I begin my totally food gushing, this is a blog about life. So yes, I may forget to post something OR I may post something that may be seen as “annoying”, “superficial”, or just plain out confusing and weird. Remember: I may seem like a very tiny person but I am a person nonetheless. I say things and do things that may seem stupid but they usually are thought out and I’m just clumsy about it.

But let me tell you firstly about what you’ll experience here before you get bored! There will be food, there will be photos, there will be ranting, raving, polls, questions, answers and yes, maybe I will share my food secrets with you. But for now, this is but the beginning of a new adventure. I want you to join me and see where this journey of food and a wonderful life will take us!

Until later!
Cheers and Good Eating!

Christy B.


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