My Summer in California: Week One

Well, I did it! I survived my first week in San Jose, California! It may sound like I’m being dramatic but it’s always the first week that proves to be the hardest. My excitement started at the JFK airport in lovely New York City when a bird strike grounded the plane that was supposed to take me and the rest of the travelers to San Jose. After getting air sick even though I had flown before, it was just a rough experience to sit there uncomfortably. It was also a mildly terrifying experience with an angry little Chinese woman shouting to her husband in only what I could believe to be very foul words about the entire situation. But JetBlue saved the day and found another plane, loaded us all on board and we took to the skies at around 8:15 p.m, only 2 hours later than planned. I arrived at San Jose Airport at 12:30 a.m, which is 3:30 a.m. EST. My wonderful boyfriend stayed up and picked me up even though he had to be up at 6 a.m. to get to school on time.

The next morning was a bit rough. Due to my internal clock, I woke up at around 4:30 a.m. Yeah… it wasn’t super fun but I did. I went to wake up my boyfriend and got ready to go and see San Jose State University. I waited for him as he went to class and got to meet some of the other media students who happened to crash in the same room as me. Talk about some awesome people! After his class, we toured the campus to see the beauty that is S.J.S.U.

In the picture above is one of the beautiful buildings that are located on campus.

While the part of campus I got to see was absolutely stunning and filled with cool little factoids, I did not last long in the 95 degree heat that felt like it was a balmy 101 degrees. The next few days followed suit in being balmy and sunny, which apparently is a bit irregular with their summer weather. So with the heat, I took advantage of eating some killer food in some air conditioned buildings and even going to the Santa Clara Boardwalk!

My goofy boyfriend on the carousal at the Santa Clara Boardwalk)

Thursday ended up being my first day on the job and one word could describe the entire experience. AMAZING! Granted, I had some pretty high expectations because of my fantastic co-workers at home, but it was great to be back in the kitchen even though it felt like we were in the center of a volcano. I had to get back on the horse and was slow to start, but as the evening went on I managed to pick up my culinary skills and catch up. Friday was even better because I got to spend the entire day with my boyfriend! Once again, I was back at S.J.S.U, waiting for him to finish his exam for the day before we went to grab some coffee. As we did, we made our way to the San Pedro Farmer’s Market. And I have to say, I was blown away! The variety of veggies, fruit and street food was phenomenal and was absolutely delicious. I ended up leaving with my wallet a bit lighter and a bag full of fresh goodies for dinner that night.  Once I returned to my current residence, I made a fresh vegetable stir fry with beef and sticky rice as well as a fresh berry salad drizzled in some local wild flower honey. Talk about a rewarding feast!!

Needless to say, while I do miss my home 2800 miles away, I have some awesome new friends and a wonderful place to stay that has made me feel welcome and right at home. I’m so blessed to have been lucky enough to be able to have such a wonderful opportunity and I can’t wait for the next few weeks to come!

(Lunch and drinks at Billy Burke’s in Downtown San Jose)



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