My Summer in California: Week 2

Now, this post will start off a wee bit differently. Unfortunately, I spent most of week two stuffed up with sinus congestion and allergies as well as working. So there aren’t any pictures BUT there were some pretty awesome things going on. The first, and most important thing I would like to mention was that it was my one year anniversary with my fantastic boyfriend as well as his birthday weekend! WHAT A WEEKENED! But we’ll get back to that later. The second part was that as well as the good, there came the bad which is always a bummer.

Earlier in the week, I was struck down by the severe assault on my sinuses by the California atmosphere. I personally believe it was a combination of both the pollen and stress of having to move across the country, miss home, start a job, AND see San Jose so that I knew what people were talking about. But I got to work on the food truck for the cupcake business, Fairycakes, for the first time and had a BLAST! I got to meet some of the other food truck vendors as well as work an event that coincided with my boyfriend’s company. So we got to eat lunch and see each other from the selling windows of our respective trucks. Trust me, many goofy and not so attractive faces were made during those five hours. We also made a “quick trip” (and by quick I mean an hour each way trip) to San Francisco to see the farewell concert of my boyfriend’s favorite rockabilly band, “Rocketship Rocketship”. It was my first rockabilly concert and I have to say, the drinks, the venue and the band were pretty dang awesome! We all rocked out and had a great time. I was sad that I couldn’t see more of their concerts but I was glad to get to see one. And plus, I will be able to get to see more awesome bands (hopefully) this summer!

As the week progress, a tragic accident happened for my boyfriend’s food truck company. While heading to an event later in the week, their 20 foot truck with an 800 pound freezer was cut off at 60 mph and during the attempts to correct swerving, caused the truck to fall onto it side and slide before it barrel rolled TWICE and ended up on the opposite side of California’s 280 Highway. I am happy to report that not only was my boyfriend not the driver at the time but the driver in the truck emerged from the devastating wreck with only MINOR injuries. Unfortunately, the accident destroyed the truck as it protected it’s driver, putting it out of commission indefinitely. But, worry not! The company was already in the process of finishing up and getting the final touches to put their second but not as large truck on the road to service events! I am just grateful that no one was hurt and that the family, friends and coworkers of the driver were supportive as they all rushed to the hospital to make sure that the driver was okay. (I was towed along because I was not going to be left home ill and alone.)

As the week neared it’s end, I was fortunate enough to heal up and spend a lovely weekend with my wonderful boyfriend to celebrate both our anniversary and his birthday. Funny how that worked out, right? (Just kidding, that was actually MY fault!) So for our anniversary we spent the entire day together starting at Bill’s cafe where they offer their famous mimosa, which is the size of a granola bowl. Of course, I HAD to have one which made breakfast on Friday a hoot and a half. Later, we met up with one of my boyfriend’s friends and made our way to Burlingame, California to pick up our passes for part of the birthday celebration. For my boyfriend’s birthday, he decided he wanted to go to Kublacon, an extremely large gaming convention. For those who may not know what I’m talking about, this is a convention for those who love games. If you like board games, Live Action Role Playing, Tabletop Gaming and other assorted games, this convention is a great fit for you!  We’ll talk more about Kublacon in a little bit. So after driving to get our passes, my boyfriend and I traveled back towards home to a wonderful anniversary celebration at La Fondue.  The atmosphere was absolutely fantastic. The smell of melted cheeses, chocolate and sizzling meat wafted through the air as we arrived and we enjoyed a splendid three course meal which included drinks, rare meats for the entree including kangaroo and boar, and two complimentary glasses of sparkling wine along with our dessert fondue. After a wonderful night, we returned home so that we could prepare ourselves for the next two days.

The next two days, both my boyfriend and I nerded out at the gaming convention, Kublacon. While I’m new to these types of games, I was able to learn more about different games, try out a few new games and even bought a few things. One of the purchased items was a newly developed game called “What the food?!” This game was a perfect start to our convention experience as well as a great game for taking back home to my Buffalo peeps. I won’t bore you with all the nerdy games I ended up playing, but I will tell you this, I HAD A BLAST! I met some pretty cool people there and I can’t wait to try my new game out on people when I get home.

While I didn’t do too much this weekend, I still enjoyed the company I shared and had a good time. I did feel a little homesick this week but I also was able to keep having a good time. I do miss home and all of my friends and family, especially my ladies at Cafe. While my co-workers are cool, I miss my crazy ladies in the cafe! I miss all of you and look forward to seeing you all when I come back home. I’m planning posting some recipes and reviews of places I will go to as well.


Christy B


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