My Summer in California: Week 3

Well this week was a very relaxing one. Due to all sorts of complications with schedules, hours got cut. Badly. And while that sucks, it means I had time to research and find some cool FREE things to do in San Jose. I’ll be putting them to good use very soon, so I’m very excited!

But this past week was lots of fun, not only did I get to cook a wonderful Italian dinner for my boyfriend and his family, but I also got to join him, his grandmother and his family for a memorial day cookout. The food and atmosphere was great as we spent the day outside playing bocce ball, eating great food and enjoying each other’s company. I felt truly grateful for the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know while I’ve been out here and feel truly blessed. Also during the week, I had the pleasure of going to one of my boyfriend’s friend’s apartment where we made some AMAZING home-made peanut butter. While I just observed and stayed out of the way, it was a wonderful experience to just watch and smell the entire process. Words cannot describe the awesomeness of this peanut butter

(Me and my wonderful man)

While those were the big things this week, it was mostly a relaxing week. Which was good for everyone. Sometimes it is hard to sit back and remember that relaxing is a good thing. But some things have changed since I’ve gotten out here. Firstly, I have actually tanned. Yes. I did! Anyone who knows me well knows that when I go in the sun, I usually burn bad enough that it hurts to sit. I am glad to report that due to the surplus of sun and nice weather, I have turned a shade darker than my normal skin color. I sent my picture to my family and they have already noticed a difference. Second, I now have a room mate. Now, people shouldn’t jump to conclusions because this little lady is the sweetest thing ever! Penny, my boyfriend’s cat, has decided that she wants to be in the same room as me for most of the day. My boyfriend’s sister recently moved out of the house and to her grandmother’s for a few months and graciously offered me her room to me so that my boyfriend could sleep in his. As a result, I found that Penny also saw this as an opportunity to join me as well. So now, I enjoy  a bed with a furry little ball that apparently likes sleeping under the covers with me. It’s like having a living, breathing teddy bear until she wakes up. Then she becomes the alarm clock.

(Penny falling asleep under the covers of the bed)

But other than that, things are going well and it’s never a dull moment here in California and I cannot wait for the next few weeks to come!!!


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