My Summer in California: Update #4

Well, firstly allow me to apologize for the delay in posting this. It has been absolutely CRAZY! All sorts of things have been going on and I can’t wait to share them all with you!

Since my last update some changes have happened. Due to a shortage in business activity, my hours at the food truck I work for have been severely cut back.  So one week I may work, the next I may have a mini-vacation. And while that’s all good and everything, it has taught me to meditate, remain calm, and actually hope things get better. Not only does it make me a bit agitated, I end up missing my job back home.  I even told my boyfriend one night, “You know what… this whole not working thing makes me miss my cafe girls even more! I NEED SOMETHING TO DO!” It has even gotten to the point that I will spend my days off reading and organizing comics, doing laundry, excessive cooking and yes… I may even learn how to “be a girl” and watch make-up and nail videos. But, with a puppy and a cat jumping all over me at all hours, I can’t say it’s boring.

Also, I’ve now been able to take up a little space in my boyfriend’s office while he’s there. His co-worker in the office has openly allowed me to come in, sit at the back table, make puns, play games on my laptop and do some stuff in order to keep busy. She is a wonderful person. I like her, she can stay. 😀  Along with this, I have gotten more time to spend with my boyfriend’s family and friends. I have been able to create bonds and help make the transition away from my family and friends a great deal easier. Between all of the time cooking with my boyfriend’s father, having nice talks with his mother and sister, and all sorts of shenanigans with his friends I’ve been able to keep myself happy, healthy and BUSY!   I’ve been able to celebrate wonderful occasions such as my boyfriend’s birthday, our anniversary and even Father’s Day!

For my boyfriend’s birthday, as talked about in other posts, we went to Kubla-Con, a gaming convention. And when I come home, I bring a game that is appropriate and fun for kids of all ages! I plan on making family/friend game night a new thing since I was able to have one out here. It’s a great bonding thing so I think we’ll all have a good time. For our anniversary, we went to the wonderful fondue restaurant called La Fondue, which was absolutely divine and romantic. For Father’s Day weekend, I had the wonderful experience of going up to Truckee, California to the Family’s cabin. After a five hour drive and climbing to 7000 ft in altitude, we were able to do a clean up and enjoy the historic town of Truckee.  The cabin and scenery was absolutely GORGEOUS! I mean, if my camera wasn’t dead, I would’ve taken SO MANY PHOTOS it was disgusting.

The view from my sleeping quarters at  Truckee, California!


It was nice to spend time in California’s forests and to relax and work in the sun. I was also able to cook dinner for the family, so of course I made my family’s staple of pasta, sauce, meatballs, Tomato Caprese salad and good company. It seemed to have been a hit! I was so excited and happy that everyone was able to enjoy a meal and have a good time!

Tomato Caprese a la Truckee

Saturday Dinner at Truckee: Pasta with Vegetable Vodka Sauce, Home-made Meatballs and Garlic Bread from Scratch

I was able to call home, in the limited cell service I actually had, to wish my Dad a happy Father’s Day and got to catch up with him. It was sad not being home and it made me question my intentions at first. But after a pep-talk from my coach of all my sports teams from years past, I was able to get back on the horse, wipe my frustrated tears away and get on with my day. Little does he know of the chaos I will be sending him. Dad- I now have a box. I have most of the things for the box. You will take these gifts and you will like them! The end! ❤


Awkward Throwback Thursday photo of me and my dad! ❤


But on top of that, there has been SO MUCH FUN! I get to spend my days waking up with Penny, the kitty daredevil, who likes to run around, attack my wiggling toes under the sheets, lick my nose to wake me up, protects me from bugs, and cuddles with me at all hours of the day. After waking up, I go and spend some time with the puppy torpedo, Bernadette, a 7 month old pit bull mix love machine who enjoys playing with her rubber fetch rings, sitting on my lap when my legs are crossed, knocking me over to sit on my lap or chest which causes me to break out laughing, giving cuddles and kisses all day long and greets me every time I walk through the door as if she hasn’t seen me in forever even if it was only for a twenty minute walk to the store! She also has an uncanny fascination with any article of clothing that is usually worn from the waist down.  So we’ve all learned fairly quickly that if we don’t want shorts, socks, or under garments to be waved around as flags to whoever is present, hampers and high counters for laundry are essential.  Usually, every portion of my day is spent with my wonderful boyfriend. Although work keeps him on his toes with being a catering manager, he always takes time to be with me, take me to fill my coffee shop needs and makes sure I feel like I’m the only girl in the world. We have learned that while entertaining everyone and every pet around takes a lot out of us, we also need to take care of us. So we’ve been making sure to spend time alone to catch a movie, to cuddle up on the couch watching food television shows and have the occasional meal out together.

My boyfriend while we ride home from Truckee with his family

I feel like as a person, I’ve begun to grow a bit more and learned to let loose. IT’S OKAY TO LET YOUR HAIR DOWN. I never realized how tense and stressed I was with things all back-to-back all the time. And while I miss having a regular schedule, this is nice too. It keeps me on my toes.

Sending our well wishes and love from San Jose!

XO, Christy


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