My Summer in California: Update #5

Well, to be honest it’s been an interesting week or so.  It started off with a wonderful offer to a new job. I was offered an office position by the company Movable Feasts where I get to file paperwork, organize to my hearts content and get to hang out with some of the people who make the company function at full speed! So far I have been able to enter files into the system and helped organize some important sales documents. It’s good to feel useful! After filling out my paperwork to work there, my boyfriend and I ended up traveling out to Santa Cruz to spend a wonderful weekend celebrating a friend’s birthday.

Out in Santa Cruz we were lucky enough to spend a few nights eating, drinking and swimming away all of the responsibilities of the work week.  I was able to experience boogie boarding for the very first time. It was absolutely exhilarating as I road small waves to the shore. While I had fun, I learned some important lessons especially the lesson of wearing one pieces while boogie boarding. Then you won’t risk losing any portion of your bathing suit. Upon returning to San Jose, I started my new job and worked a 7 hour day, filing papers and working hard.

The other day, as a company, we were able to go to the San Francisco Giants game at AT&T Park. It was a great game even though the Giants got beat pretty badly. I have to say, the only bad thing that happened that day was that my camera walked away to have it’s own adventures. While this is sad, it isn’t a terrible thing. Cameras can be replaced. And I hope that he takes the photos of the game and says “We had a good time but BOY we wanted them to win!”

As the week went on, good and bad things happened here and there. I was laid off at the cupcake company due to not enough shifts and too many employees. While I’m bummed that I’m not longer working there, I wish them the best and now have a job where I can focus all of my organizing talents! I also get more hours at the new job and don’t have to work in an inadequately ventilated kitchen so it’s kind of a win-win for me. The experience and life lessons I learned from it were fantastic and I couldn’t ask for anything more!

The rest of this week and previous weekend was filled with helping some of my boyfriend’s friends move as well as a few other events that kept us busy. I’m getting pooped out! A small pet update: Penny and Bernadette are doing  fine! They are wonderful companions and keep me on my toes. Penny has enjoyed bringing me pencils at night and leaving them at my door before hopping into bed with me. Bernadette continues to be adorable and cover me in kisses!

But I had a fantastic time! And I  have about 4 more weeks of fun ahead of me! I miss my family back home but I’m having the time of my life!

Can’t wait to see what else is in store!



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