There and Back again… A Story by Christy B

So, firstly, allow me to apologize for not writing these past three weeks. Between the County Fair, work and up coming school year, to say things have been busy is a bit of an understatement. But on the plus side it’s been a wonderful trip to California and back to Buffalo.

So for those of you who may have not read the past few blog posts, here’s a brief synopsis of the 3 month trip to California. I went out to California and lived there for three months in sunny San Jose. I got a chance to live there, see and meet new people and learn a little bit more about food each day. I originally started out working for a cupcake company but unfortunately it wasn’t meant to be. So, before I left the company, I began working for a second company called “Movable Feast”, a killer food truck organization that plans some awesome food truck events with rocking music and lots of fun! I lived at my boyfriend’s house and had some time to get to know his family better. It was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed the brief hiatus and miss California terribly already. I can’t wait until I go back!

Now, I’ve started back as a barista/latte ninja in the Barnes and Nobles cafe. It’s definitely a new thing compared to my nice office job I had for Movable Feast. But I’m glad to be back with my cafe crew and ready to keep things going. While we’ve gone through quite a bit, I am so proud to work with such a strong group of girls who are dedicated to work hard and continue to help keep sales going in whatever way they can. We’re not just a team, we’re family. And that makes me so proud to be a part of that team!

On a plus side, I came back to Buffalo with my wonderful boyfriend who stayed up until this morning (August 20th). It was a  nice 100 days together and being together solidified all the feelings I’ve had for this wonderful man. He’s gone through quite a bit but he is still one of the sweetest and most vital people that I can lean on even if for just a few moments. He is returning home to continue his job and finish up his final year in college! I can’t wait until I can go out and celebrate his accomplishments with him and his family this upcoming May. I am so very proud of all of his hard work!

While I’ve had some ups and downs, I plan on making this semester at school a very productive and hard-working one. Back to the days of a studying schedule, work out and yoga routines to help hone the body and some meditation to calm the soul. Also, more tea… less coffee… maybe more chocolate…. and good food…. less wine..? Nah, can’t do that! So here is my new semester resolution! Make sure to make time for me, my school work, and work. Eat, drink, be merry but in the right quantities. Work hard, play harder. Love myself and others.


Until next time,

Christy B


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