I’m Back (This Time For Real!)

Well, its been approximately 7 months since my last post! A lot has gone by and things have changed. Whether they have changed for better or for worse is yet to be decided! I am returning to this blog to hopefully accomplish a few things.

  1. I really want to get back into doing my food work.

It was (and still is) my dream to become a food journalist. After working a crazy amount of hours, dealing with some personal turmoil and finishing school, it is time to get back to the grind of making delicious food and finding ways to work off the amount of calories I will eat.

2. I miss writing and doing this blog.

While I know this isn’t a world famous blog that has spawned a cookbook empire or television show on a “prestigious” television network, I want to do something I love while I look for a part-time AND full-time work. This way, not only will I be a busy little bee, I will be a happy little bee.

3. It is fun!

Despite all the photography taking and blog updates, it actually is fun. I’m planning on re-organizing my pages and providing some fun things to come. It will most likely kick off late this week OR next week, who knows yet.

Some of the things I’m going to cover are: recipes, healthy cooking, some cooking basics, how to cook for a lot of people and so on. So, please stay tuned and I hope to update soon!


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